The song of April 4th, 2016


Today’s been kind of a bad day for me. Fortunately, I’m in the mood to post here. This song is Basket or the Blade by Enter The Haggis (now Jubilee Riots).

This song is about who will be there for you when you’re down. When the whole world is against you, who will be there by your side? It opens the space for a reflection on who can be called a real friend.

Like probably any other person, I’ve been through bad situations and I have found out that people who I called my friends were not as I imagined. I have learned to accept that fact. Some people will give you full support and some of them will be there only in your best days. It’s nothing to be resentful, but one has to choose whether to trust someone or not.

I remember that when I finished junior high, one kid I had grown apart from wrote me a letter saying: “I’m sorry for keeping distance, but everyone else were talking to me.” I couldn’t quite understand what he meant, but that’s when I knew that he would not be there for me on my worst days. I don’t hold a grudge at him for that, it just opened my eyes.

As time passes, we hone this ability to identify who deserves our trust. We are able to tell whether a person is a basket that will stop our fall or the blade that cuts our head. It hurts when we make mistakes about this, but it becomes an experience worth learning from.

Enjoy the song!

– Karl


The song of April 3rd, 2016


I finally caught up with the updates. Also, today’s Sunday. It’s International Sunday! Today’s song is in German. It is Still (Silent) by Jupiter Jones.

During 2015, we were taking care of two dogs, which we called Tina and Mika. They were puppies and hence adorable. I quickly fell in love with them. We had them for six months, until they got some disease which affects a lot of puppies, and is fatal in most cases. They got worse until there was nothing we could do.

The day they passed away, I was sad, but I couldn’t cry. I felt a terrible guilt because of my lack of tears (I felt as if I didn’t really love them, but I knew I had loved them). I somehow needed to listen to this song. I put it on replay and, although I couldn’t quite understand the lyrics, I felt this was the right song for the moment. I had this sadness which I couldn’t express through tears, but words wouldn’t help neither. My dogs passed away and I couldn’t cry. I felt terrible.

After some time, I looked for the translation of the lyrics and found them. I was shocked because the song expressed precisely what I was feeling. It was like there was some sort of connection which transcended language barriers. Since then, this song has become one of my favorites. This song helped me understand my feelings on that day, even if I couldn’t understand the lyrics.

In that moment, I found that music is powerful. It can heal, it can be there when no one is. It can say things you can’t. And this was an example of the universality of music, where words are not required to express something. Sometimes a song can do a lot.

It’s because of experiences like this that I will keep on with this blog. And I hope you like this song.

– Karl

P.S. You can read the original (German) and translated (to English) lyrics here.

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The song of April 2nd, 2016


This song is Time by Vocal Few. I had never paid attention to it until yesterday and I loved it.

I’ve been a little sensitive and reflexive lately, I’m young and I (hope to) have a long time to live. There are many things I’d like to do and sometimes I feel like there is not enough time.

Then I realize that thinking about time takes a lot of time. So it is better to do instead of thinking about doing it. If I want to be a great writer, then I should write a lot. If I want to travel to Asia, then I should save money for that trip. I have to act looking forward to a specific goal.

Also, time passes, we grow up, and there are people who will go out of and people who will enter our lives. We should not worry about who could it be or how painful it will be. we should instead enjoy our time with them and be thankful that they are there right now.

Like the song says, “time is not on our side”. Time flows and days pass. We should not serve time by crying because of the passage of time. We should do our best with the little time we have. And maybe then, when we are old, we will look back and say “I didn’t serve time.”

Enjoy this song and live!

– Karl

The song of April 1st, 2016


I’ve been kind of busy these two days, so I haven’t posted anything. But I’m back!

The song for April 1st is called All I Want by A Day To Remember. Since 2014, I’ve liked a lot of rock/punk/hardcore bands, so you’ll notice a slight change in the music I post.

Like almost every person, I have dreams. I have something to fight for and I want to accomplish my goals. However, not every path is clear. There are people who will try to stop you and even make you fall. They’ll want you to fail just to see you fall apart.

They will hurt you, they’ll say you’re not worth it, you don’t have what it takes, or even advise you to take the easy path. And maybe those voices are actually inside your head. One needs the ability to shut those voices down and go on with their goals. No path to success is easy, and one may lose “friends” or important people on the way. One shouldn’t stop self-progress just because of what could go wrong. The benefits from following your dreams are way bigger than the risks of doing so.

One should not be afraid to take risks. After all, they lead to successes and accomplishments. That’s why this song has meant a lot to me. It means listening only to those who matter and living your own life. Being yourself is the key to finding happiness, no matter how hard the way is.

I hope you like this song and I hope being able to post daily.

– Karl

The song of March 31st, 2016


Today’s song is Help Me Through This by Matchbox Twenty.

I have found that I hate routines. Sure, as a student I wake up early at the same hour every day, go to gym, head to school, take classes, have lunch at roughly the same hour, seeing the same people, head home, do homework, a little free time, and then go to bed. It’s my daily routine and I’m not quite pleased with it. But I have to accept it since it doesn’t depend on me.

But to be stuck in a large-scale routine and call it life, that’s something I don’t want. Sometimes I wish I were in a different place, doing many things and living many experiences. I’d like to travel, to see starry skies and clouds over large fields. I’d like to be in the sea, to admire its extension. I want to have fun and live new experiences every day.

It’s something I can’t accomplish right now, and I can’t quite express it, and people can’t quite understand. So I end up with this desire with no one to share it. I’m happy with my life, but I want to do more.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with emotion that I need to burst into tears or laughter; and I want someone to understand it, someone I can share it with. Someone with whom I can escape routine to be free even if just for a while.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!

– Karl

The song of March 30th, 2016


This song is Beautiful Darkside by The Classic Crime. It is one of my favorite songs from that band.

For a long time during 2014, I felt like I had some problems controlling my emotions. I could go from total joy to a harsh depression to a great anger in a short time. Some things would just ignite my inner flame and make me go a little violent. I never hurt anybody because I “exploded” alone, fortunately.

However, I thought that I could hurt someone if I ever lost control. And that would make me a hard-to-be-with person. I would become someone who could be the best friend ever one second and the worst enemy the next one. And it just happened without me calling for it.

Now, I won’t say I was mentally unstable or anything more. It just made me reflect on who I was and whether I could be a good person. Then I met this song and I related immediately to it. Every word and every line made me think of myself. I found peace because I could finally find words to what I felt.

Since then, I’ve tried to improve my self-control and be more aware of my emotions, and relax whenever I feel an episode could happen. I can be a good person and I want to be one. I have my own dark side, but now I’ve learned to live with it. It may not be a pretty one for some people, but it’s a part of me that I need to understand to control it.

Enjoy the music!

– Karl

The song of March 29th, 2016


The first song after my return to this blog is very special to me. It’s The Unwinding Cable Car from Anberlin, one of the bands I met after the last post, but it became my favorite band.

As a side comment, I met Anberlin on October 13th, 2014, and I was very sad when I read that they were already on the last tour and they would play their final show on November 26th. Still, I love their music.

Back to the song. This song makes me reflect on my decisions. The video kind of shows that, but there’s this line in the song that says “listening for voices, but it’s the choices that make us who we are“. The lyrics make me wonder “what if I had chosen something else?”

I was talking with a friend the other day and he asked me “if you had a time machine, what one thing would you change about your past?” After some time thinking, I decided to answer “nothing”. Yes, every choice has its consequence and some of them are not pretty. But still I regret nothing. Every decision I made has led to who I am now and I think this is the best version of me.

Sure, some Karl could have studied computer science and be a master programmer. Or maybe he did study CS and realized it’s not what he wanted. Some Karl could have gone to another high school and learned different lessons. But the truth is we actually can’t know what is it like in what-if land. We have to live our own story and make it the best of all. This is something I learned and I’m living up to it. I’m going to be the best Karl I could ever be.

I hope you like the song and have a nice day!

– Karl