What this blog is about


I’ve recently heard music a lot. And I’ve also recently started listening to music a lot. I know it’s either because I started paying attention to the lyrics or because of the things I’ve gone through lately. But anyway, I’ve found in music a place and many feelings to relate to; which have helped me overcome the situations. So I decided to create a blog about it.

Music is, for me, the art that I am most sensitive to. Neither painting, sculpture, film, and not even literature can make me feel as much as I feel when I listen to music, especially with lyrics. I guess having someone sing their feelings touches my heart. I consider it one of the bravest ways to express oneself, because it is done with the voice, the same used when talking, when crying, when shouting. And like every artistic expression, music is everlasting. It can transcend space and time.

I’m not a musician, so I don’t know anything about musical theory. But this blog is not intended to teach music. This is just the reflection of my feelings, a summary of my day in approximately four minutes. I hope you enjoy it, and I do intend to enjoy this as well.

– Karl


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