The song of September 17th, 2014


Today is the second day I share a song. I feel good with this blog so far, and I really want to continue. That’s why, after much thought, I decided that the song for today would be Someday by Rob Thomas.

Why did I choose this song? Well, recently I finished a very important part in my life. It was 3 years of no sleep, procrastination, and too many essays. Three years ago, I thought today was too far ahead. It started getting harder and harder and I couldn’t see the end. I thought about quitting. But my mind and my heart told me “no! This is what you want, so make it possible!”. I listened to them.

The second year was horrible, and the third one wasn’t much better. But I felt fine with it because that’s what I wanted and what I decided to do. I wouldn’t quit. And then, the day came. The day when I realized that three years can pass very quickly. You blink once, and it’s 36 months ahead.

I took a deep breath, and smiled. All that I had fought for, that I hadn’t slept for…I had it in my hands. That’s when I found the meaning of Someday for me. It’s about trying and trying until you get it, because you’ll eventually get it. And I did it. Those three years were completely worth it, without doubt.

And now, I keep a beautiful memory of the people who I met during those three years, the experiences I lived, and the times I cried and laughed. My advice is: cherish the hardest path, the darkest tunnel, because it will lead to the brightest fulfillment.

Enjoy the song as much as I do!

– Karl


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