The song of September 19th, 2014


The song for today is a little more energizing. I really like this song, it’s Emergency by Paramore.

Today wasn’t exactly a good day for me. I’m fine now, but I wasn’t in the morning. Sometimes you just need someone who can listen to you, who can hold you. You don’t need someone who will tell you what you did wrong. I used to think there wasn’t anyone for me like that. But then, I realized that I had someone. Someone so close to me that I couldn’t see her.

She has helped me go through many things, and I really enjoy her company. She’s really special to me. But, the most important thing: whenever I feel bad, I know I can count on her. She’ll always lend me her hand and she’ll take to wherever I feel safe. I really owe too much to her.

And so, this post goes to her. She’s the one who has always been there for me. I’ll always be there for her, too. Now, I’m feeling much better.

I hope you like the song!

– Karl


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