The song of September 21st, 2014


Today is Sunday. It’s a special day because, I decided that every Sunday, I would post a song in a language other than English. This is to foster variety and because I listen to songs in many languages, many of which have a meaning to me. Today’s song is in Spanish, it’s called Mejor Ya No by Moenia (Best, Not Anymore).

This song is special to me because it represents a particular stage of my life. I met this girl many years ago. We became good friends and eventually, we became best friends. She had other plans for us, but the thing is, I could only see her as a friend.

Time passed and we grew apart. She felt sad about the distance and I did, too; but not as much as her. We argued about everything, and that affected our relationship. That’s when I decided (with pain in my heart), not anymore. If we couldn’t stay together, it would be better to end it there. I told her, and she didn’t take it well. I knew we weren’t meant to be more than friends. Why would we keep hurting ourselves?

And I still remember her. I think of the good moments we had, and I am grateful to her for them. She’ll always be special to me, and I hope she also keeps the good memories. I realized that some relationships you think will last forever, simply won’t, because both of you mature and notice certain things. But that’s part of life, and choosing whether to feel grateful or resentful is a choice you have to make.

– Karl

P.S. Here you can read the original and translated lyrics (Spanish and English).


Mejor parar que terminar más mal.
Mejor decir: “fue bueno hasta aquí”.
Mejor pensar “te volveré a encontrar.
Seré feliz al vernos sonreír”.

— Estribillo ——————————-

Y si no funcionó, no hay culpa, no,
tal vez es lo mejor.
No has sido tú ni yo, tan sólo no,
esta vez no se dio. (x2)


Mejor los dos pongamos el final.
Así empezó, así hay que acabar.
Dentro de ti, sabes igual que yo,
Podría seguir, pero mejor ya no.

— Estribillo — (x2)


It’s best to stop, than ending worse.
It’s best to say “it was good until now”.
It’s best to think “I will find you again
I’ll be happy when I see us smile”.

— Chorus ———————————–

And if it didn’t work, it’s not our fault,
maybe it’s for the best.
It wasn’t you or me, it just couldn’t be. (x2)


We better put a stop to this.
It started like this, we have to end like this.
Inside of you, you know as I do
We could go on, but we better not anymore.

— Chorus — (x2)


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