The song of September 24th, 2014

Hello there!

Today I listened to this song I really could relate to it. So I thought I should post it here. It is Invisible by Hunter Hayes.

I could relate because I’ve felt the loneliness. I’m usually the one who sees things from a different perspective, usually more complicated (to others, it’s easy to me). And, because of that, I used to feel like I didn’t belong in any group. They didn’t see what I saw. I could tolerate them, and have a good time with them. But when it came to showing my likes and ideas, they usually gave little time. That didn’t stopped me from showing my likes, because I felt very comfortable when talking about them; but I still felt lonely. Fortunately, people didn’t give me a bad time.

I’m still trying to adapt (not change) to others, and to enjoy loneliness. But sometimes you need someone you can talk to, and share thoughts with. And I recently discovered that many of my close friends were not as I imagined them. I try to be strong not for them, but for me. And I keep trying.

Yes, I’ve been ignored. I’ve felt like I was invisible and mute. Even by people I consider important to me. But I won’t hide myself from anyone. I’ve seen people posting on Facebook “don’t scream that you’re happy, because envy is a light sleeper.” And I think that’s not the solution to avoid judgement. Many people fight for what they like and everybody should (or at least be honest to themselves).

And I know that if I show my true feelings, I’ll find someone to share them with, and I’ll realize that I’m not invisible anymore. That’s why I try every day to tell the world my ideas, even if everyone else feels uncomfortable with or make fun of them.

Hope you like this song!

– Karl


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