The song of September 28th, 2014

Hi there!

Today’s International Sunday! What does this mean? Well, as I said before, every Sunday I will post a song in a language which is not English. Why? Because many non-English songs are important to me, and they do deserve a spot on this blog. Today’s song is in German. It is Nie Vergessen (Never forget) by Glasperlenspiel (The glass bead game).

I had a friend. We were so close and I considered him my best friend. We were about 8 years old but the friendship felt really strong. And it wasn’t only by me. He sent me Christmas cards saying I was his best friend. He had to switch schools and we grew apart. Those days, there wasn’t any Facebook or Messenger, and we didn’t have cell phones. We had no way of communicating with each other.

I thought it would last. But it didn’t. We haven’t seen each other since then. I sometimes read those cards and remember him. I think, I should search for him, at least on Facebook. But I don’t, because I don’t know if he’ll remember me. And then I prefer to let it the way it is. It is a good memory, and even if I tried, it would not be as it was before. We have each made our own friends, experiences and personality; and they may not be the same as those of the 8 year old boys who played tag at school.

But I cherish those moments we spend together. He made me feel special and he has a special spot in my memories. If destiny decides to join our ways again, I’ll greet him with a smile. I hope he does the same. I will never forget him.

– Karl

P.S. Here are the original and translated lyrics (German and English).


Ich wollte nie, dass uns das passiert.
Auf dem Weg zu unserm Glück haben wir uns verirrt.

Ein kleines Wort, wurde zum großen Streit.
Das hab ich wirklich nicht mit gib mir mehr Freiheit gemeint.

Nichts ist so, wie es gestern war.
Ich wäre froh, wärst du jetzt noch da.
So hart bereu ich diesen einen Tag.

– Refrain ———————————-
Werd dich für immer vermissen.
Ich werd dich nie vergessen.
Jeden goldenen Tag, werd ich für immer vermissen.
Egal was wir getan haben, was wir gesagt haben,
vergess ich nicht.
Ich vergess dich nicht. (x2)


Ich bin Schuld, hab vieles falsch gemacht,
vielleicht haben Träumereien uns zu Fall gebracht.

Und wenn ich schlaf, seh ich dich im Traum.
Will wieder aufwachen und dir in die Augen schaun.

Will nur dich wieder hier bei mir,
nur bei dir kann ich mich verlieren.
Ich frag mich, ob’s dich noch interessiert.

– Refrain – (x2)

Noch nicht vorbei, vielleicht ist es noch nicht vorbei.
Ich wünschte, es wär noch nicht vorbei.
Unsre schöne Zeit.

– Refrain –


I never wanted this to happen to us.
We got lost on our way to happiness.

A small word led to a big fight.
That’s not what I wanted when I asked for more space.

It’s nothing like it was yesterday.
I’d be happy if you were still here.
That’s how much I regret that one day.

– Chorus ———————————–

I will miss you forever.
I will never forget you.
I will miss every golden day forever.
No matter what we did or what we said.
I won’t forget.
I won’t forget you. (x2)


It’s my fault, I made a lot of mistakes.
Maybe my dreams brought about our downfall.

And when I sleep, I see you in my dreams.
I want to wake up again and look in your eyes.

I want only you back by my side.
I can only get lost when you are with me.
I wonder if you still care.

– Chorus – (x2)

Not over, maybe it’s not over yet.
I wish it wasn’t over yet,
our beautiful time.

– Chorus –


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