The song of March 30th, 2016


This song is Beautiful Darkside by The Classic Crime. It is one of my favorite songs from that band.

For a long time during 2014, I felt like I had some problems controlling my emotions. I could go from total joy to a harsh depression to a great anger in a short time. Some things would just ignite my inner flame and make me go a little violent. I never hurt anybody because I “exploded” alone, fortunately.

However, I thought that I could hurt someone if I ever lost control. And that would make me a hard-to-be-with person. I would become someone who could be the best friend ever one second and the worst enemy the next one. And it just happened without me calling for it.

Now, I won’t say I was mentally unstable or anything more. It just made me reflect on who I was and whether I could be a good person. Then I met this song and I related immediately to it. Every word and every line made me think of myself. I found peace because I could finally find words to what I felt.

Since then, I’ve tried to improve my self-control and be more aware of my emotions, and relax whenever I feel an episode could happen. I can be a good person and I want to be one. I have my own dark side, but now I’ve learned to live with it. It may not be a pretty one for some people, but it’s a part of me that I need to understand to control it.

Enjoy the music!

– Karl


The song of March 29th, 2016


The first song after my return to this blog is very special to me. It’s The Unwinding Cable Car from Anberlin, one of the bands I met after the last post, but it became my favorite band.

As a side comment, I met Anberlin on October 13th, 2014, and I was very sad when I read that they were already on the last tour and they would play their final show on November 26th. Still, I love their music.

Back to the song. This song makes me reflect on my decisions. The video kind of shows that, but there’s this line in the song that says “listening for voices, but it’s the choices that make us who we are“. The lyrics make me wonder “what if I had chosen something else?”

I was talking with a friend the other day and he asked me “if you had a time machine, what one thing would you change about your past?” After some time thinking, I decided to answer “nothing”. Yes, every choice has its consequence and some of them are not pretty. But still I regret nothing. Every decision I made has led to who I am now and I think this is the best version of me.

Sure, some Karl could have studied computer science and be a master programmer. Or maybe he did study CS and realized it’s not what he wanted. Some Karl could have gone to another high school and learned different lessons. But the truth is we actually can’t know what is it like in what-if land. We have to live our own story and make it the best of all. This is something I learned and I’m living up to it. I’m going to be the best Karl I could ever be.

I hope you like the song and have a nice day!

– Karl

The return of thesongofmyday


It’s been a long, long time since I posted anything here. My last post was on October 6th, 2014. And well, so many things have happened since then.

To begin with, I had an argument with my best friends, made new ones, some of my new friends got in an argument…it’s been a difficult year for me, emotionally speaking. But it has also been the best because I grew up, I found a new Karl in me and he’s better than the old one.

And music was always there. I met new bands, which would become my favorite bands. Some artists released new music which would take meaning to me. I found new meaning to songs I had already listened to. It’s been a really important year.

So why did I return? Actually, this was kind of therapeutic. To write my thoughts on the songs I like made me see life in a different way, and realize music has always been there for me. I hope to continue sharing songs and experiences every day with you.

– Karl