The return of thesongofmyday


It’s been a long, long time since I posted anything here. My last post was on October 6th, 2014. And well, so many things have happened since then.

To begin with, I had an argument with my best friends, made new ones, some of my new friends got in an argument…it’s been a difficult year for me, emotionally speaking. But it has also been the best because I grew up, I found a new Karl in me and he’s better than the old one.

And music was always there. I met new bands, which would become my favorite bands. Some artists released new music which would take meaning to me. I found new meaning to songs I had already listened to. It’s been a really important year.

So why did I return? Actually, this was kind of therapeutic. To write my thoughts on the songs I like made me see life in a different way, and realize music has always been there for me. I hope to continue sharing songs and experiences every day with you.

– Karl


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