The song of April 4th, 2016


Today’s been kind of a bad day for me. Fortunately, I’m in the mood to post here. This song is Basket or the Blade by Enter The Haggis (now Jubilee Riots).

This song is about who will be there for you when you’re down. When the whole world is against you, who will be there by your side? It opens the space for a reflection on who can be called a real friend.

Like probably any other person, I’ve been through bad situations and I have found out that people who I called my friends were not as I imagined. I have learned to accept that fact. Some people will give you full support and some of them will be there only in your best days. It’s nothing to be resentful, but one has to choose whether to trust someone or not.

I remember that when I finished junior high, one kid I had grown apart from wrote me a letter saying: “I’m sorry for keeping distance, but everyone else were talking to me.” I couldn’t quite understand what he meant, but that’s when I knew that he would not be there for me on my worst days. I don’t hold a grudge at him for that, it just opened my eyes.

As time passes, we hone this ability to identify who deserves our trust. We are able to tell whether a person is a basket that will stop our fall or the blade that cuts our head. It hurts when we make mistakes about this, but it becomes an experience worth learning from.

Enjoy the song!

– Karl


The song of October 4th, 2014

Hello there!

Today I had a very good day with my friends. But, as I was melancholic, I remember many things and people I’ve known. One of them reminds me of this song. It’s Bad Blood by Bastille (one of my favorite bands, by the way).

I posted before that I had a friend and we were very close. We thought it would last forever. But, “as the friendship goes, resentment grows”. We studied in different schools and didn’t see each other as often. And, distance helped us see that we were very different and had a lot of different perspectives about friendship.

I know that “variety is the spice of life”, but our ideas were opposite and we ended arguing many times. We wondered what had happened. We were hurting each other, the ones who promised to be together forever. We couldn’t fix our mistakes because none of us was willing to change/improve. As I knew I was hurting her and myself, I decided to end it there. I said that we would still be friends, but not best friends. We would still talk and laugh, but the bond was broken. We would not be able to come back to what we had before.

We both were very sad because of the decision, but we accepted the situation. It would be better to stop fighting to return to our previous friendship. We still talk, but it doesn’t feel the same. I still remember her with a smile, and I hope she does the same. And I will be there when she needs someone. It’s just that we’re not that close and I have accepted that fact. It hurt before and it probably still hurts, but it was for the best. I know we will find someone who we can really be ourselves with and it won’t hurt.

I hope you enjoy the song and remember, it’s International Sunday tomorrow!

– Karl

The song of September 28th, 2014

Hi there!

Today’s International Sunday! What does this mean? Well, as I said before, every Sunday I will post a song in a language which is not English. Why? Because many non-English songs are important to me, and they do deserve a spot on this blog. Today’s song is in German. It is Nie Vergessen (Never forget) by Glasperlenspiel (The glass bead game).

I had a friend. We were so close and I considered him my best friend. We were about 8 years old but the friendship felt really strong. And it wasn’t only by me. He sent me Christmas cards saying I was his best friend. He had to switch schools and we grew apart. Those days, there wasn’t any Facebook or Messenger, and we didn’t have cell phones. We had no way of communicating with each other.

I thought it would last. But it didn’t. We haven’t seen each other since then. I sometimes read those cards and remember him. I think, I should search for him, at least on Facebook. But I don’t, because I don’t know if he’ll remember me. And then I prefer to let it the way it is. It is a good memory, and even if I tried, it would not be as it was before. We have each made our own friends, experiences and personality; and they may not be the same as those of the 8 year old boys who played tag at school.

But I cherish those moments we spend together. He made me feel special and he has a special spot in my memories. If destiny decides to join our ways again, I’ll greet him with a smile. I hope he does the same. I will never forget him.

– Karl

P.S. Here are the original and translated lyrics (German and English).

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