The song of April 1st, 2016


I’ve been kind of busy these two days, so I haven’t posted anything. But I’m back!

The song for April 1st is called All I Want by A Day To Remember. Since 2014, I’ve liked a lot of rock/punk/hardcore bands, so you’ll notice a slight change in the music I post.

Like almost every person, I have dreams. I have something to fight for and I want to accomplish my goals. However, not every path is clear. There are people who will try to stop you and even make you fall. They’ll want you to fail just to see you fall apart.

They will hurt you, they’ll say you’re not worth it, you don’t have what it takes, or even advise you to take the easy path. And maybe those voices are actually inside your head. One needs the ability to shut those voices down and go on with their goals. No path to success is easy, and one may lose “friends” or important people on the way. One shouldn’t stop self-progress just because of what could go wrong. The benefits from following your dreams are way bigger than the risks of doing so.

One should not be afraid to take risks. After all, they lead to successes and accomplishments. That’s why this song has meant a lot to me. It means listening only to those who matter and living your own life. Being yourself is the key to finding happiness, no matter how hard the way is.

I hope you like this song and I hope being able to post daily.

– Karl