The song of September 27th, 2014


Today’s song is a little more upbeat than previous songs I’ve posted. It is about something I’ve felt and I’m happy about that. It’s Feelin’ Good by Christina Grimmie.

So, I’ve had bad days and good days. But sometimes I wake up and say “I won’t let anything get in my way.” During the day, I try not to break that promise. And this song reflects this. It’s about enjoying life and getting crazy, because you can convince yourself that everything is right.

And, as a specific example of why I relate to this song, it’s the fact that I don’t receive many invitations to go out, and when I tell my friends about that it’s almost impossible to accomplish. So, I have gone out by myself and I certainly enjoy that. Sometimes I prefer to be alone than with someone. And you can really have a good time by yourself.

I celebrate those days. I usually dance, sing and move a lot because I feel happy. And I really like that, I don’t even care what other people may think about the boy singing silently (sometimes out loud) or dancing to a silent rhythm. I think that if I’m happy, I should show that to the world. And, actually, the world seems brighter. The bad days seem too far in the past to feel bad about them, and the situations which would ruin a normal day seem too small to even bother about them. And so I tell the world: “I’M FEELIN’ GOOD!”

Hope you like the song, and tomorrow is International Sunday!

– Karl


The song of September 22nd, 2014

Hello there!

Today was a really good day. I want to share this song with you. It’s Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall by Coldplay.

The fact that today was a special day made me think of this song because it made me think of how we think life is really mean to us. But, thinking it will get better really helps going through it. Seeing what life is offering us is the light we might need in those moments.

Recently I’ve gone through many things, but I like to think I have matured and now I think less of the bad things, and I relax, listen to music and see the opportunities and how can I fix things or improve myself.

It wasn’t easy, I had to fight myself and I’m not done. But I’m on my way, and I feel happier now. I did that not because of someone, but me. I wasn’t comfortable with my feelings and so I worked to make them better.

I hope you enjoy the song and remember, SMILE!

– Karl

The song of September 20th, 2014

Hello! Today I remembered this song, which means a lot to me because of one particular moment in my life. It is Feel Again by OneRepublic.

I’ve never been the emotional one. I don’t usually have strong emotions and I can see everything from a neutral point of view. But, sometimes I do feel. One special moment I did was when I was in love.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I lost appetite because of her, or that I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I thought about her often, but not following the stereotype of the boy in love. But she helped me see the world from a different perspective. I felt like I could see the color and brightness of everything, the beautiful melody of the environment, smile because of a little thing. She made me feel again, in a special way.

That’s when I realized that, independently of her, life can be beautiful. You just have to see it through the right glass. And, since then, I’ve tried to use it. And now I can enjoy my days more. I feel a little happier and, why not? A little sad now and then, because life is not appreciated without the bad moments. It may not be much, but for someone like me, to feel and cherish every day is a great goal to pursue. I’ll keep working towards it.

Enjoy the song!

– Karl