The song of October 6th, 2014


Today’s song is special. It is one of my favorite country songs. It’s Compass by Lady Antebellum.

Not to take the lyrics literally, but today I took a different way home. It wasn’t my intention, I thought the bus would leave me where I always get down, but it didn’t. I had to wait for it to (almost) return to the starting point and then take another bus. At first I was thinking “oh, well, it has to arrive to where I took it” with a little fear of how long would it take. But when it went downtown, I could see the city as I had never seen it. I don’t usually go downtown, so this was a chance to see it. And I felt fine. I knew I’d make my way home. And then I saw a bus stop I usually take, go down and waited happily for the other bus to come.

And this song, when taken to a deeper meaning, is about something like this. It is about walking and going forward, not fearing of what would come because you can always find your way home. The lyrics go “so let your heart, sweetheart, be your compass when you’re lost; and you should follow it wherever it may go”. It is also about taking things slowly and not worrying.

Your heart can take to place you’ve never imagined. Those experiences are great and become a good memory. So it is better to let it flow and enjoying the moment, and go back home when it’s the moment. Even if you take the wrong road, there is always a way to return, and every road leads to a wonderful experience, if you take the time to let it in.

I enjoyed being a little lost in the same city I was born in, as I got to know it a little more. I got to do something I hadn’t done and it was because of a mistake. But, as I stayed calm, the situation stayed clear and I could feel happy about it. Isn’t life about that? Enjoying every moment, every wrong path and every situation so the weight of it is a little lighter. I’m looking forward to the next time I get lost, so I can enjoy my city (or another one) a little more.

I hope you like the song!

– Karl