The song of September 24th, 2014

Hello there!

Today I listened to this song I really could relate to it. So I thought I should post it here. It is Invisible by Hunter Hayes.

I could relate because I’ve felt the loneliness. I’m usually the one who sees things from a different perspective, usually more complicated (to others, it’s easy to me). And, because of that, I used to feel like I didn’t belong in any group. They didn’t see what I saw. I could tolerate them, and have a good time with them. But when it came to showing my likes and ideas, they usually gave little time. That didn’t stopped me from showing my likes, because I felt very comfortable when talking about them; but I still felt lonely. Fortunately, people didn’t give me a bad time.

I’m still trying to adapt (not change) to others, and to enjoy loneliness. But sometimes you need someone you can talk to, and share thoughts with. And I recently discovered that many of my close friends were not as I imagined them. I try to be strong not for them, but for me. And I keep trying.

Yes, I’ve been ignored. I’ve felt like I was invisible and mute. Even by people I consider important to me. But I won’t hide myself from anyone. I’ve seen people posting on Facebook “don’t scream that you’re happy, because envy is a light sleeper.” And I think that’s not the solution to avoid judgement. Many people fight for what they like and everybody should (or at least be honest to themselves).

And I know that if I show my true feelings, I’ll find someone to share them with, and I’ll realize that I’m not invisible anymore. That’s why I try every day to tell the world my ideas, even if everyone else feels uncomfortable with or make fun of them.

Hope you like this song!

– Karl


The song of September 16th, 2014


It’s late at night and this might be posted on the 17th, but the song is from the 16th. This is the first song I share, and I’ll tell you why I chose it. I was listening to this song and related to it. It is Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me by Hunter Hayes featuring Jason Mraz.

About one year and a half ago, I noticed how many friends and acquaintances got in relationships. I could easily count 10 couples. And many others of my friends had crushes, which some of them ultimately transformed into relationships. Also, the corny statuses on social networks were overwhelming.

Maybe because of that, I wanted to have someone by my side. But I couldn’t find someone I would like to spend time with. I had someone, but it ended. So, I relate to this song, because I see couples on the street, on public transportation, at school. It makes me want to find that “special someone” now, but I know I should give it some time. I’m happy with my current single status; but still, I feel like I want to find her quick.

So, this is the song of September 16th, 2014. Enjoy the song!

– Karl