The song of April 4th, 2016


Today’s been kind of a bad day for me. Fortunately, I’m in the mood to post here. This song is Basket or the Blade by Enter The Haggis (now Jubilee Riots).

This song is about who will be there for you when you’re down. When the whole world is against you, who will be there by your side? It opens the space for a reflection on who can be called a real friend.

Like probably any other person, I’ve been through bad situations and I have found out that people who I called my friends were not as I imagined. I have learned to accept that fact. Some people will give you full support and some of them will be there only in your best days. It’s nothing to be resentful, but one has to choose whether to trust someone or not.

I remember that when I finished junior high, one kid I had grown apart from wrote me a letter saying: “I’m sorry for keeping distance, but everyone else were talking to me.” I couldn’t quite understand what he meant, but that’s when I knew that he would not be there for me on my worst days. I don’t hold a grudge at him for that, it just opened my eyes.

As time passes, we hone this ability to identify who deserves our trust. We are able to tell whether a person is a basket that will stop our fall or the blade that cuts our head. It hurts when we make mistakes about this, but it becomes an experience worth learning from.

Enjoy the song!

– Karl