The song of April 3rd, 2016


I finally caught up with the updates. Also, today’s Sunday. It’s International Sunday! Today’s song is in German. It is Still (Silent) by Jupiter Jones.

During 2015, we were taking care of two dogs, which we called Tina and Mika. They were puppies and hence adorable. I quickly fell in love with them. We had them for six months, until they got some disease which affects a lot of puppies, and is fatal in most cases. They got worse until there was nothing we could do.

The day they passed away, I was sad, but I couldn’t cry. I felt a terrible guilt because of my lack of tears (I felt as if I didn’t really love them, but I knew I had loved them). I somehow needed to listen to this song. I put it on replay and, although I couldn’t quite understand the lyrics, I felt this was the right song for the moment. I had this sadness which I couldn’t express through tears, but words wouldn’t help neither. My dogs passed away and I couldn’t cry. I felt terrible.

After some time, I looked for the translation of the lyrics and found them. I was shocked because the song expressed precisely what I was feeling. It was like there was some sort of connection which transcended language barriers. Since then, this song has become one of my favorites. This song helped me understand my feelings on that day, even if I couldn’t understand the lyrics.

In that moment, I found that music is powerful. It can heal, it can be there when no one is. It can say things you can’t. And this was an example of the universality of music, where words are not required to express something. Sometimes a song can do a lot.

It’s because of experiences like this that I will keep on with this blog. And I hope you like this song.

– Karl

P.S. You can read the original (German) and translated (to English) lyrics here.

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