The song of March 31st, 2016


Today’s song is Help Me Through This by Matchbox Twenty.

I have found that I hate routines. Sure, as a student I wake up early at the same hour every day, go to gym, head to school, take classes, have lunch at roughly the same hour, seeing the same people, head home, do homework, a little free time, and then go to bed. It’s my daily routine and I’m not quite pleased with it. But I have to accept it since it doesn’t depend on me.

But to be stuck in a large-scale routine and call it life, that’s something I don’t want. Sometimes I wish I were in a different place, doing many things and living many experiences. I’d like to travel, to see starry skies and clouds over large fields. I’d like to be in the sea, to admire its extension. I want to have fun and live new experiences every day.

It’s something I can’t accomplish right now, and I can’t quite express it, and people can’t quite understand. So I end up with this desire with no one to share it. I’m happy with my life, but I want to do more.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with emotion that I need to burst into tears or laughter; and I want someone to understand it, someone I can share it with. Someone with whom I can escape routine to be free even if just for a while.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!

– Karl


The song of September 30th, 2014


Today’s the last day of September. That means that half a month has passed and I have posted many songs. Today’s song is My Body by Young the Giant.

This song is a little strange. What do I mean? The lyrics don’t quite make sense, so I think their meaning may vary greatly. To one person, they may mean freedom, and exhaustion to another. To me, the song is about doing what you want and what you love, even if it “hurts”. This means, that sometimes one is tired, hasn’t slept for many hours…but is still doing what they love, and that makes the work lighter. Or, the task is too hard, but if you feel good performing it, then you should follow your heart and do it. I have been in some of those situations. I think “well, I may have a bad consequence for this, but I will feel very good after this.” As the song says, “my body tells me ‘no’, but I won’t quit, ’cause I want more.”

I can think of one situation which quite literally follows the lyrics. I was in a school with a hard system. It was three years of “pain” (remember Someday by Rob Thomas?) There were times in which I wanted to quit. I lost many hours of sleep and was tired. I didn’t like some subjects. But I wanted that, and that was the only system with which I would feel comfortable. I would not be fine in another school or system. My heart said “STAY!”

And so I listened to it. I finished and now I feel grateful because I decided to stay. And what I got during that stage of my life has helped me in many aspects. I decided by myself to do what I wished, and it was the best decision I could ever make. And this is just one example in which I relate to this song.

So, to me this song is about taking risks and doing what makes one’s heart happy. Because, after all, that’s what makes a good life, isn’t it?

Enjoy the song, and October comes tomorrow!

– Karl

The song of September 29th, 2014


Today’s song is very special to me and I find it very relatable to. It is Little Wonders by Rob Thomas.

As I’ve said before, I’m not really emotional. So, when a song is able to make me cry (or at least make my eyes watery), I consider it to be special. This is because it has touched my heart, made me remember parts of my life, or something like that. It’s not just once that this song has made me almost cry. I feel really emotional whenever I listen to it.

And it’s probably because my mom dedicated it to me. And it’s because of her that I try to find the good parts in life. Whenever I listen to it, I feel like she’s singing it to me. And she’s telling me “Our lives are made of these small hours, these little wonders, these twists and turns of fate” and giving me the strength to move on. One particular day, I was feeling down on the bus and this song played on my iPod. It really made me stronger. I realized that I was keeping many things that were hurting me, so I should take them out. My mind cleared and I could see the answer.

It’s amazing how powerful music is when one feels it. That’s the reason of this blog. Music can tell us everything we’re looking for, and it can even make us see what we don’t want to. Music can cause epiphanies. But we can’t expect music to save us by itself. We must work on ourselves and keep improving. Shake the bad days off and raise our heads.

And so, with this blog and music every day, I can know myself a little better. With this, I can become a better person.

Enjoy the song!

– Karl

The song of September 23rd, 2014

Hi there!

Today’s song comes from one of my reflections. It is (one of the best songs ever) My Way by Frank Sinatra.

Recently, I’ve been too reflective about my short life. I know I’m not perfect and I make mistakes. But that hasn’t stopped me from going on. I’ve made bad choices, I’ve lost people who I loved, but I’m still here. I accept my mistakes and use them to build a better future. I’ve done what I’ve done because I wanted to, and if I didn’t do something is because it didn’t seem good to me. So, I really hope that, as my life goes on, I’ll keep doing that and eventually, I’ll be proud to say that I lived my life MY WAY.

And it would be my way because I wouldn’t let others control me or decide instead of me. Sometimes I feel insecure about some choice, but then I think that the one who is really affected by the insecurity is only me. Yes, I take into account other people when making choices, but they don’t decide what to do. It’s me and I should accept what consequences come from that decision.

And I accept them gladly, because I learn from every mistake I make. I learn from every bad experience and every wrong turn. I think I have matured thanks to those mistakes. But they’re not there to torment me, because I don’t let them. Now and then I let my guard down and they make me feel bad. But then I think that they happened for a reason, and eventually I feel better.

This has helped me with my emotions and so I think I’m fine. As I mentioned before, I’d like to say, at some point in my life: I DID IT MY WAY.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this song as much as I do!

– Karl