The song of March 31st, 2016


Today’s song is Help Me Through This by Matchbox Twenty.

I have found that I hate routines. Sure, as a student I wake up early at the same hour every day, go to gym, head to school, take classes, have lunch at roughly the same hour, seeing the same people, head home, do homework, a little free time, and then go to bed. It’s my daily routine and I’m not quite pleased with it. But I have to accept it since it doesn’t depend on me.

But to be stuck in a large-scale routine and call it life, that’s something I don’t want. Sometimes I wish I were in a different place, doing many things and living many experiences. I’d like to travel, to see starry skies and clouds over large fields. I’d like to be in the sea, to admire its extension. I want to have fun and live new experiences every day.

It’s something I can’t accomplish right now, and I can’t quite express it, and people can’t quite understand. So I end up with this desire with no one to share it. I’m happy with my life, but I want to do more.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with emotion that I need to burst into tears or laughter; and I want someone to understand it, someone I can share it with. Someone with whom I can escape routine to be free even if just for a while.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!

– Karl