The song of September 18th, 2014

Hi there!

Today I listened to this song. It’s one of the songs which I had listened and enjoyed before, but didn’t have a special meaning to me until some time ago. It is Try by P!nk.

This song is about taking risks, especially in love. As the lyrics say,

Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame, where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned. But just because it burns, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die. You gotta get up and try.

That’s exactly what I did: I tried. There was a girl I liked. I met her three years ago at school and we became good friends. We would spend a lot of time together. I started feeling something for her, and I decided to tell her. I was aware that I could walk over the fire, or get burned. That didn’t change my mind and I told her that I really liked her, the way she is, among other things. After a flattering speech, she told me that I was her best friend. So I got burned.

I didn’t feel sad, since I knew that was a possibility. But I felt really good because I tried. I gave my heart, and although she didn’t receive it, I felt brave. That gave me strength to go on. I know there’s someone who will accept me, but I’ll have to keep trying to find her. I’ll have to keep getting burned many times.

That’s why I found the profound meaning of this song. I understood every word and feeling. Try helped me go through that moment and made me realize that life is about trying, not about waiting.

Enjoy the song!

– Karl