The song of March 30th, 2016


This song is Beautiful Darkside by The Classic Crime. It is one of my favorite songs from that band.

For a long time during 2014, I felt like I had some problems controlling my emotions. I could go from total joy to a harsh depression to a great anger in a short time. Some things would just ignite my inner flame and make me go a little violent. I never hurt anybody because I “exploded” alone, fortunately.

However, I thought that I could hurt someone if I ever lost control. And that would make me a hard-to-be-with person. I would become someone who could be the best friend ever one second and the worst enemy the next one. And it just happened without me calling for it.

Now, I won’t say I was mentally unstable or anything more. It just made me reflect on who I was and whether I could be a good person. Then I met this song and I related immediately to it. Every word and every line made me think of myself. I found peace because I could finally find words to what I felt.

Since then, I’ve tried to improve my self-control and be more aware of my emotions, and relax whenever I feel an episode could happen. I can be a good person and I want to be one. I have my own dark side, but now I’ve learned to live with it. It may not be a pretty one for some people, but it’s a part of me that I need to understand to control it.

Enjoy the music!

– Karl