The song of April 2nd, 2016


This song is Time by Vocal Few. I had never paid attention to it until yesterday and I loved it.

I’ve been a little sensitive and reflexive lately, I’m young and I (hope to) have a long time to live. There are many things I’d like to do and sometimes I feel like there is not enough time.

Then I realize that thinking about time takes a lot of time. So it is better to do instead of thinking about doing it. If I want to be a great writer, then I should write a lot. If I want to travel to Asia, then I should save money for that trip. I have to act looking forward to a specific goal.

Also, time passes, we grow up, and there are people who will go out of and people who will enter our lives. We should not worry about who could it be or how painful it will be. we should instead enjoy our time with them and be thankful that they are there right now.

Like the song says, “time is not on our side”. Time flows and days pass. We should not serve time by crying because of the passage of time. We should do our best with the little time we have. And maybe then, when we are old, we will look back and say “I didn’t serve time.”

Enjoy this song and live!

– Karl