The song of October 5th, 2014


Today’s International Sunday! The song for today is in French. It is Soleil (Sun) by Grégoire.

I’ve watched and read the news a lot recently. I see war, segregation, fights, crime, etcetera. And I know that it’s because people can’t accept the differences between us. This song is about this, about what makes every person unique and how people can’t deal with it.

There is a problem with society: we are afraid of change and differences. People tend to distinguish instead of grouping, that is, we see more differences than similarities. And that is probably a good thing, because then we are able to decide by analyzing the different points of view. But it is not right when we try to impose our beliefs to someone different.

We, as humans, try our hardest to classify things as good and bad. We tend to choose them as a group so that we can all agree with it and have the same standards. But since the world is a big place, we can’t have the ideas from everyone. There are many different cultures thousands of miles apart with different views on what’s good or bad. Some people decide to act as if they knew exactly what’s good and what is not, and so they try to make everyone else follow them; and if someone refuses, segregation is the solution. This causes the news we see every day.

But we have to accept that we are all different, not just culturally, but also personally. Every person has different views on every aspect of life, and we should respect them. We may not take them, but at least acknowledge them and think what made that person that way. We should see what we have in common instead of why are we different.

Humans are unable of stop judging, but we can at least support our ideas with philosophy and what is really needed or appropriate. And this has been a philosophical problem for a long time, so we shouldn’t worry if someone doesn’t think the same as us.

I, as a person, follow this. I may not make a change in the world, but at least my life seems better this way, as I don’t have to worry about how will I get the other person to think the same as me. I just have to worry about the impact that MY actions will have on the world around me.

Enjoy the song!

– Karl

P.S. You can read the original (French) and translated (to English) lyrics here.

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