The song of September 30th, 2014


Today’s the last day of September. That means that half a month has passed and I have posted many songs. Today’s song is My Body by Young the Giant.

This song is a little strange. What do I mean? The lyrics don’t quite make sense, so I think their meaning may vary greatly. To one person, they may mean freedom, and exhaustion to another. To me, the song is about doing what you want and what you love, even if it “hurts”. This means, that sometimes one is tired, hasn’t slept for many hours…but is still doing what they love, and that makes the work lighter. Or, the task is too hard, but if you feel good performing it, then you should follow your heart and do it. I have been in some of those situations. I think “well, I may have a bad consequence for this, but I will feel very good after this.” As the song says, “my body tells me ‘no’, but I won’t quit, ’cause I want more.”

I can think of one situation which quite literally follows the lyrics. I was in a school with a hard system. It was three years of “pain” (remember Someday by Rob Thomas?) There were times in which I wanted to quit. I lost many hours of sleep and was tired. I didn’t like some subjects. But I wanted that, and that was the only system with which I would feel comfortable. I would not be fine in another school or system. My heart said “STAY!”

And so I listened to it. I finished and now I feel grateful because I decided to stay. And what I got during that stage of my life has helped me in many aspects. I decided by myself to do what I wished, and it was the best decision I could ever make. And this is just one example in which I relate to this song.

So, to me this song is about taking risks and doing what makes one’s heart happy. Because, after all, that’s what makes a good life, isn’t it?

Enjoy the song, and October comes tomorrow!

– Karl